Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Back!

Not that I went anywhere. Though you might think I did since the last time I posted was in July. But with Summer Art Camp, adding new classes and a new teacher, I've been overwhelmed and neglected my lovely little blog.

What a busy summer! We had 4 wonderful weeks of Summer Art Camp throughout the summer months. If you didn't get the chance to try us out, don't worry, we have Art Camps throughout the school year and during the holidays in December. In fact, I think the next Art Camp day is creeping up on us soon....Monday, October 11th for Columbus Day in fact. Don't wait too long to enroll!

I want to thank Kristen who did an internship with The Paintbrush all summer. You may have met her during summer camp or seen her during my Thursday class. She has moved back to her hometown of MN and we wish her all the best!

For those of you asking for early morning or Saturday classes, we put them on our schedule! So what are you waiting for? Enroll!

Our Art Workshops for chidren ages 6 and up start again this week. We kick this week off with How Do I Draw That? drawing workshop on Mondays at 3:45. Remember, our workshops do have a start and end date, so if you haven't enrolled already, do so now!
To clear up some common confusion....Melanie is the voice on The Paintbrush's phone. You will NEVER get me on the phone because you're actually calling her cell. Yes, we do sound alike, but I'm the one in the studio and she's the one on the phone and never the twain shall meet! :)

And some big Happy Birthdays go out to.... Siena 2, Giovanni 6, Gabi 6, Christina 7, Anna 7 and Alec 7!

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