Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27, 2010

We had a wonderful week of July Art Camp last week. Many of you asked about the children's amazing marble paintings. I assure you, they made them themselves! Here's an easy way for you to try the marbeling at home.
You'll need:
shaving cream
food coloring
tooth pick
popsicle stick

How to:
Spread shaving cream in bottom of pan. Drip a few colors of food coloring onto shaving cream. Drag tooth pick through food coloring making a marbeled pattern in shaving cream. Place paper ontop of shaving cream. Press gently. Remove. Scrape shaving cream off of paper with popsicle stick. Voila! You have a beautiful piece of marbeled paper!

Ok, so you missed out on July Camp or want to sign your kids up for another awesome week of Camp? No worries. We have 2, count them, 2 more weeks of Camp coming up in August.

August 16-20
August 23-27
ages 3 and up
lunch provided by Noodles and Co.
only $55 per day/ ask about weekly discount

call or email Melanie to enroll

And what's with all of the new classes you ask? Well, you asked for them, so we're giving them to you! Check out one of our new class times below. Same great classes, just more days and times to choose from!

Tiny Artists (18-48months)
Tuesday 9:20
Friday 9:20
Saturday 9:20

Little Masters (4-8 years)
Tuesday 5:15
Wednesday 5:15
Thursday 5:15

The Paintbrush wants to give a big Welcome to our newest addition, Miss Liz! Many of you have already met Miss Liz over the past few weeks. She will be teaching our new morning Tiny Artist classes. We are so happy to have her on board, we know you will be, too!

I big Happy Birthday goes out to.... Magda, 3, Sam, 5, Alessia, 4, Oleg, 3 and Giovanni 6!

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